Yesterday after my flight as I stood on the ramp of FIT Aviation, I watched the sun kiss the skies of Melbourne, FL and began to reflect on how much I had missed flying. Summer is now over, and after a long 3 months, I was itching to start again. About 2 weeks ago I began a new flight course to work on getting my Certified Flight Instructor Certificate. It has been an enormous increase in work so far, but I am confident I will succeed. I have been staying up until 2 am in the mornings making lesson plans and creating outlines of how I am going to present ground lessons to my instructor who is now playing the role of a student. At this point, late nights seem inevitable for this semester. I have been working hard to create a balance between the 18 credits I am taking on campus, CFI training, my Resident Assistant duties, staying involved in my clubs and student organizations and working out at the gym. Doing all these activities just does not equate to a bedtime before 2 am!!

Yesterday, I had my first flight in 3 months and it was awesome! Funny story, I was trying to get this flight completed since last week, however, the evening thunderstorms in the “Sunshine State” decided to put a damper on all my plans. On the sunny side, the flight yesterday was really cool but different as I was flying from the right seat in the cockpit for the first time!!! I must say, it felt a little abnormal flying in the right seat as I have been flying in the left seat for my entire flying career to date. The sight picture on takeoffs and landings are so much different but I am sure I will get accustomed to it overtime. The most difficult thing that I will have to get used to is to be constantly speaking and explaining the flight maneuvers that I am performing. It is easy to perform a flight maneuver like slow flight or even power-off stalls and because I have been doing it throughout my flight training it now becomes automatic. I no longer have to think about the steps of what I should to do, I just do it! It is exhausting to have to explain every step in a maneuver that I am doing and every correction that I am making. Imagine explaining to someone how you are walking! You don’t think about right? You just do it. Or at least I hope that you just do it or I would be very concerned for you. Although it is hard work, my instructor makes flying less stressing and more fun for me. Whenever we get into an airplane, it is an opportunity to learn but also an opportunity to have fun. So we make the most out of it.

Flying is such a fun experience and it will change your view on life once you experience it. I am eager, ready and excited to learn more as I continue CFI training. I am aiming to be a great instructor, the best instructor that a student can have; a really fun and enthusiastic instructor that will keep students motivated and create an aviation experience for them that they will never forget.


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