The Teaching Continues…

It was another hard pressed week here at Florida Tech. It seems like homework and exams are never-ending and each day just gets busier and busier. I must say, however, that my flight this week was really fun and I learned a great deal from it.

This week in my CFI training, I taught the different types of takeoffs and landings. This included normal and cross wind takeoffs and landings, short-field takeoffs and landings, soft-field takeoffs and landings and power off 180 precision approach and landing. I went into the flight, thinking that it would be easy teaching these landing maneuvers, but I just could not wrap my head around talking and explaining each step while doing each maneuver. It was a challenge! I realized that teaching maneuvers and performing them is completely different. It is easy to do these maneuvers but it becomes tricky when I have to put words to my actions. I then realized how important it is to be constantly be speaking and explaining throughout these landing maneuver steps to my instructor who is playing the role of a brand new flight student. It is very important that when teaching a student landings for the first time that it is taught correctly. It is often said that the anything that is first learned is most remembered and practiced and as a result it will be very difficult for a student to unlearn a procedure that is incorrect.

The most difficult landing that I had to teach was the power off 180. This is because it requires a lot of skill and judgement to land the airplane on a specific touchdown spot without using any power. Although difficult, it is very fun to perform.

My flight ended with a beautiful sunset and great landings. I am finally getting use to flying from the right seat! Here are some pictures from my flight. Enjoy!

20150930_182500     20150930_182505     20150930_19053320150930_190537


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