This week I enjoyed 4 days off from school! I traveled south to visit my friend from home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It was really relaxing to get away from all the school work and exams that I had in the previous week. When working hard in school, I find it extremely important to take breaks to clear my mind and de-stress especially after going through the work intensive periods of the semester. If I don’t take breaks I become overworked and exhausted. I also realize that once I become overworked, I am less efficient. Midterms are now over and I am very proud of my accomplishments so far, my hard work definitely payed off and as a result I have A’s in all my classes!! Thank God! … This week wasn’t as busy as the other weeks, it was a 3 day school week and class resumed on Wednesday. I also did not do much flying this week but instead focused more on my ground lessons.


Space Tourism, although, it seems like a rare concept, it is becoming more popular and could actually take place in the future. I read an article this week about the risks of carrying passengers to space and in order for space tourism flights to become successful these risk must first be mitigated. I would like to know your views on space tourism. Do you think it will work? Do you think it will have an impact on the aviation industry?


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