NIFA Regional Flight Competition

What an exciting week it was as different flight schools swarmed FIT aviation’s Emil Buehler Center for the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) regional flight competition. There were flight teams from various schools such as Florida Tech, Embry Riddle (Daytona Campus), Auburn University, Miami Dade College, Jacksonville University, Auburn University and Polk State College. It was great to see the different flight teams representing their school and their supporters cheering them on in their respective school colors. And of course, you know which team I was routing for– Go Tech! The last time FIT hosted this competition was 4 years ago so we were ecstatic to be given the opportunity to host it again this year.

This flight competition is extremely competitive and it is evident that all the flight teams put in a lot time, hard work and dedication in preparing for the competition. It was a full week for the competitors as they competed in both ground and flight events. The ground competitions included E6B calculations, aircraft recognition, SCAN which included cross country planning while the flight competitions included navigation, power off landing, power on landings and message drop. I wholeheartedly support the idea of having a flight competitions as it is a great way to get training pilots to improve their flying skills as well as their knowledge and application of aviation related tasks.

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Express Jet’s Visit

On the Wednesday of the competition, Express Jet visited F.I.T. aviation and they brought their CRJ 200 Jet with them! It boasted on the north ramp of F.I.T. aviation and everyone in attendance seemed entertained. The Express Jet pilots who flew into Melbourne gave a tour of this incredible machine! It was an awesome feeling being in the right seat of the CRJ as I got a peak into what my future may be! The crew that came with Express Jet were extremely friendly and I found out that majority of them went to University of North Dakota. Express Jet also had a booth and they were recruiting pilots, it was an awesome opportunity for students to get more information about Express Jet as well as instructors who are planning on going to the regionals very soon.

Oct 2015 143 Oct 2015 145

Check out next week’s blog, to find out the results of the flight competition!


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