It was all about crimson and gray this week, as the entire campus was awakened by the homecoming festivities and school spirit! It was a fun week to be a college student as there was so much to do! The theme this year was “Around the World” and the various clubs and organizations that took part in the homecoming talent show and parade had to display this theme.

My favorite thing about this homecoming, other than the talent show, was the 5k run. It was my first time entering a 5k and it was such a great experience. I placed 26th overall in my category and I ran a time of 25:33 minutes and a pace of 8 minute miles! I also saw many of the College of Aeronautics professors and faculty there as well as some flight instructors. Everyone looked like they were having so much fun and it was exciting to see the different professors out of the class room setting and in their sportswear.

Displaying 2015-11-07 18.57.10.jpg

Displaying 2015-11-07 19.00.55.jpg

A big congratulations to the Florida Tech Football Team! They ended the 2015 homecoming on a great note. They played the number one ranked Division 2 team, West Georgia and won the game 28-26!


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