Teaching Aero 1

This week I had an awesome opportunity to teach cross country planning to some students in an aeronautics 1 class on campus. When I entered the classroom I wasn’t sure what to expect but as I saw the excited faces of the budding pilots I knew it was going to be fun. The cross country that I showed them how to plan was a visual flight rules (VFR) cross country from Melbourne, Florida to Key West! It is a fun cross country to plan, however I knew it was going to be a challenge to teach these new pilots how to plan this route in particular as it is covers a long distance.

The students were very receptive and eager to learn and which made it easier for me to explain the process of the calculations involved as well as how complete a navigation log. I went through the process step by step and I was very pleased to see how quickly they grasped the concepts. I must say, my certified flight instructor (CFI) training throughout the semester definitely taught me how to teach effectively and how to present information to students.

teaching pic1

Teaching these students helped me to realize how much I like teaching aviation related topics. I felt so accomplished when they actually understood what I was showing them and when they started to do the planning on their own without my help. It was such an amazing feeling that I cannot describe! I’m counting down the days to my CFI checkride so that I can have students of my own!

teaching pic 2


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