As I am closing out my last full week of classes, I started to reflect on how quickly this semester went by! It was just the other day I made my first blog post “feels good to be back” and now it’s time to wrap up another semester in college! I must say although it has been my busiest and most work intensive semester yet, it has also been a fun one! Next week is Thanksgiving and the week after is study break week for finals! Thanksgiving break is such a tease because you get this feeling that classes are over and then you get thrown right back into the fire with final exams!

I thought it was fitting to write this week’s blog about how to prepare for those checkrides and finals coming up! It’s that time of the semester when students usually get burnt out, and it is important to find motivation to push through to the end! Some tips to make it through finals without stressing too much:

  1. Write out notes in a systematic way. This in particular helps me to stay organized and it also makes it easier for me when I need to go back to and review specific topics.
  2. Only do group study sessions when all you have studied and understood the material. Going into group study sessions with little or no knowledge will just lead to wasting time.
  3. You should know this one very well– Get rid of all distractions! Yes, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can take up more of your time than you think.
  4. Ask for help! – Go to your professors during their office hours and ask them to explain whichever topic you don’t understand. This shows them that you are eager to learn and they will be willing to help.
  5. Never pull an all-nighter the night before the exam. Sleep is needed to consolidate information previously stored. You are most likely to remember information when you are well rested.

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