Houston, We Have A Problem

File photo of Atlas 5 on the pad. Credit: ULA

Photo Credit: Spaceflightnow.com

The anticipation of Thursday’s rocket launch had both aviation and aerospace students at Florida Tech excited despite the stress of finals week approaching. However, due to the poor weather conditions over the past few days which resulted from the passing of a cold front the launch has been postponed for a third time.

On Thursday December 3rd some students went up to Cape Canaveral to witness the originally scheduled launch of the Atlas 5 rocket. The Atlas 5 rocket is to deliver the commercial Cygnus cargo ship into orbit to resupply the International Space Station. The rocket was rescheduled to launch today, Saturday December 5th but due to the strong winds it was postponed yet again. However, arrangements are being made to launch Atlas 5 on Sunday December 5th, maybe this time around we will get to witness the magnificent launch.

Florida Tech’s prime location on the Space Coast gives students a great opportunity to travel to the Air Force Space Launch Complex or even Kennedy Space Center to see many cool rocket launches. The greatest thing is that even if students can’t drive to the space center, the rocket launches can be seen from atop the University’s parking garage!

I haven’t visited the Kennedy Space Center facility as yet but I definitely would love to do so before I leave college. However, last year after I received my private pilot license I did a low approach over 15,000-foot runway at the Shuttle Landing Facility which was one of the coolest thing I’ve done since flying!


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