Certified Flight Instructor- Check!

After six months of hard work, dedication and lots of lesson plans I finally broke the barrier and overcame the hurdle titled “Certified Flight Instructor.” It is indeed an accomplished feeling knowing that in my two and a half years of college I have met all the flight goals that I have set for myself back in August 2013. It was not an easy task earning my CFI certification but amidst all the late nights that I spent preparing for lessons and studying for all the subject areas, I can proudly say that it was undoubtedly worth it!

The day of my check ride I was surprisingly not as nervous as I usually am when I have a check ride coming up. I guess the words of my instructor “take your time and have fun, trust in your training” made all the difference. I was confident that I was prepared and if I could perform well on my mock check ride, I could certainly do the same for the actual check ride! I trusted in my training, believed in my ground knowledge and flying abilities and a part of the result is shown below!


What’s next?

I received a part-time job position as a flight instructor with F.I.T. Aviation! I’m really excited to begin a new section of my aviation career and I am looking forward to the experiences that are going to come along with it. As an aviation professional it is important to always seek self-improvement and not settling for the bare minimum. Although I will begin instructing, I plan to move on to get my Certified Flight Instructor- Instrument (CFII) certification and then eventually get my Multi-engine Instructor certification. The sky is not the limit, I am going above and beyond!



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