Spring Break 2016 Blog!

A very hectic week has come to an end! This week will go down in my college history as being one of the most onerous weeks ever! On the brighter side, I’m now on Spring Break and I gained my first two students this past week. When I walked into the briefing room at FIT Aviation it was at that moment I realized that this was the real test of my CFI training, how effectively I can transfer ground and flight knowledge to my students!  I currently have two private pilot students and a part of my goal is to create an aviation experience for them that they will never forget. I’m also looking forward to sending my first student on his solo! It is crazy looking back two years ago when I did my first solo, time surely does fly! I remember my first cross country solo as a student pilot and all the fun I had form Melbourne (MLB) to Okeechobee (OBE) then to Stuart (SUA) in that piper warrior that flaunted the FIT Aviation colors of red and white.  It was after my first solo where I gained the confidence needed when flying an airplane and communicating with air traffic control. Check out the pics below from my first cross country solo!

20140521_085919                                    20140521_090051

20140521_092511                                                   20140521_101102


Spring Break!!
I’m so excited to get my spring break started! I flew into Houston today to kick off spring break 2016! This is actually my first time spending spring break out of Melbourne, for the first time I had no responsibilities to attend to and it’s a great feeling to get away from campus every once in a while. I’m, ready to make the most of this break as I know hard work awaits me in the future.


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