How To Get Rid of the “Checkride Nerves”


As you may know some pilots in training have a great fear or nervousness when it comes on to checkrides. I know in the past when I had checkrides coming up I would always get anxious the day before or on the morning of the checkride. I would be fine couple days before the checkride but on that morning my nerves took full control. What really caused this anxiousness is the fact that I was worrying if I would pass or fail, and of course because of my human nature I think of the worst possible situation. What helped me to overcome this fear was really trusting in my training and preparing myself to the best of my ability to that I can pass. I no longer thought about if I would pass or fail, but instead I would tell myself to put on a show for the check instructor and to just have fun with it. But everyone thinks differently and there is no one way to skin a cat, so I have created a list below to help those with checkride anxiety.

Checkride anxiety remedies:

  1. Be prepared: Ensure that you go through the PTS thoroughly so that you can know the subject areas that your check instructor will ask you. The more you are prepared the more confident you will be.
  2. Treat the two flights before your checkride flight like the actual checkride. If you can perform the maneuvers to standards consistently there is a greater chance that you will do the same on your checkride.
  3. Get some sleep the night before the checkride, don’t burn out yourself the night before because I can guarantee you will mostly likely underperform! Also sleeps helps the brain to consolidate information, and you will need to remember how to explain those tough questions in the checkride.
  4. And lastly, do what I do! Be confident, trust in your abilities, put on a show for the check instructor and have fun!

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