About Melbourne International Airport

Melbourne International Airport, this is where it all began, the inception of my aviation career. Located on the Space Coast of Florida, MLB boasts its longest runway 9R-27L of 10,000 feet. The nature of this airport makes it great for flight training operations. With Melbourne being a towered airport it helps primary flight students with ATC radio communications and practicing standard ATC phraseology. Melbourne is currently served by four airlines including Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Porter Airlines and Elite Airways, averaging about 6 arriving airline flights daily. On a typical day, MLB usually has less busy flight operations in comparison to other towered airports, making it more feasible to conduct fight training activities.

What I love the most about MLB is that it is located right on the east coast of Florida with the NASA shuttle landing facility just a few miles north and the Sebastian Inlet a few miles south. It is also perfect for sightseeing and nothing beats flying over the beaches after a long day of class or a seeing the sun making its majestic rise over the Atlantic Ocean. Melbourne International Airport also hosts an Embraer Jet manufacturing plant as well as its Phenom 100 and 200 showroom. And it is always exciting to watch the new Phenom 100 and 300’s flying in the pattern on their production flight tests.
An interesting fact, just recently MLB changed its name to the Orlando Melbourne International Airport in an attempt to lure more passengers and air services. The directors of Melbourne Airport want travelers to consider Melbourne as a less congested alternative to Orlando International Airport (MCO) and Orlando Sanford International (SFB). I thought this was a very good marketing strategy as there is a lot of publicity attached the name Orlando. And so if you are traveling to Florida anytime soon and planning to stay into the Orlando area, fly into Melbourne, experience the Space Coast, come enjoy the adventure.
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