The Great BANYAN!

This week I had the opportunity to visit an impeccable fixed based operator (FBO) at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE). Banyan  Air Service has been in business now for 37 years and they take pride in their excellent services and their history. According to the Professional Pilot’s Magazine Banyan was voted top 10 for both 2016 best FBO is the US and best independent FBO. Also based on 2016 AIN survey results Banyan was voted to top 5% best FBO in the Americas and number 1 in the southeast region. Impressively, Banyan gets about 80% of the General Aviation traffic at FXE and they are planning on expanding even more to the north side of the field.

Yesterday I was privileged to have a meeting with the Director of Customer Support at Banyan Air Service. In this meeting I was given insight on the behind the scenes operation of Banyan from the FBO management system to the future predictions of what is in store for Banyan.

An FBO management system is an important asset to any aviation company as it comprises of inventory of fuel sales, customer tracking, payroll, retail sales, working personnel and many more personalized functions. Majority of FBO’s don’t use a management system because the initial cost of startup is extremely expensive and it is also very costly to keep it updated. Some FBO’s use total FBO (TFBO) which is a commercial software that FBO’s can purchase. However, Banyan created their own FBO management system which is extremely impressive! They have an IT team of 4 persons that created this system and are also in charge of updating it and coming up with new creative features. The management at Banyan allows the IT team to have their creative freedom where the IT team presents their ideas to management and management then analyses the risk and feasibility after which they then accept or deny the proposal.


Banyan Air Service is what I call a multifaceted company they are comprised of different departments providing various amounts of air service. What surprised me the most while visiting Banyan was the size of this company on the airfield, the FBO is just one facet of this company and Banyan’s expansion throughout the airfield is far more than I had ever imagined! A few of Banyan’s services include a FBO, a pilot shop, hangar storage, avionics department and a maintenance department.

If you are flying into Fort Lauderdale I highly recommend going to Banyan. I can promise you it will be an experience you will not forget, the quality of service is beyond this world and the staff is so courteous. Visiting Banyan was an experience I will remember for a lifetime and I will definitely go back!

Check out some more pics from around Banyan below:














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